Suggest Event

Is there an event you would love to see during the Bessemer 4th of July?  Drop us a line using the form below and let us know what it is!

Just provide a short description and your contact info so we can discuss it more with you.  Give as many details as you can, but we can always hash out the specifics later if it’s something we want to do.  It will definitely help if you are willing to volunteer to organize this event, but if you can’t we may still try to find other volunteers who can, so still let us know what you’d like to see.  We love amazing new ideas!

  • Write a short description of the event you would like to see. We may contact you to get more information, but describe as best as you can.
    Bessemer's 4th couldn't happen without great volunteers. If you would be willing to organize this event, it would be easier to make it happen and we would love you for helping out.