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Bessemer Parade

Parade Submission Form

Parade Entry Rules and Regulations

First, Second, and Third Place Prizes Awarded in the Following Categories:

  • Best Decorated Float
  • Most Patriotic Float
  • Most Creative Float
  • Best Promotion of Children’s Fundraiser

1st Place – $600 • 2nd Place – $300 • 3rd Place – $150

Candy and printed materials may be handed out but items cannot be thrown into the crowd.

Parade lineup begins at 5:00pm on Galena/Mill Streets. Judging of floats will occur at 6:00pm during Parade line-up. Parade begins at 7:00pm!

On behalf of the Bessemer 4th of July Committee, we look forward to your participation!

All Floats/Entries must follow the following Rules, Regulations and Guidelines which will ensure safety and the success of the Parade. Thank you.

Float/Entries are required to be decorated. Decorations can include: balloons, streamers, flags, bunting, flowers, fringe, tassels and other materials. Decorations must be appropriate for public display. The Parade Chair has final approval on all Floats/Entries.

Parade Lineup: Begins at 5:00 p.m. at the former Bessemer Ford Showroom, 500 W. Lead Street in Bessemer (US-2 across from the Leather & Gift shop).

No thrown items: Due to liability factors and OSHA guidelines, items cannot be thrown from any vehicle or float along the parade route. Violations will result in removal from the parade and result in award disqualification. This rule is strictly enforced.

No sirens, horns, loud noises, and water spray: For safety and liability purposes, sirens, horns, loud noises and water spray are prohibited. Violations will result in removal from the parade and result in award disqualification. This rule will be strictly enforced.

Adult supervision: Children age 12 and under must be accompanied and supervised by an adult on all Floats/Entries.

Length of Float: The float and vehicle pulling it cannot exceed 60 feet in length.

Float/Equipment Responsibility: All entrants are responsible for their units, equipment and area around their unit. Liability for injury or damages on or around the unit will be the sole responsibility of the entrant. Animals require pooper scoopers to follow the float.

Parade Spacing: Floats/Entries must maintain 35 feet between each Float/Entry.

Parade Positions: Parade positions are the discretion of the Parade Chair.

Judges: Decisions of the judges are final. Results of winning floats will be announced at Massie Field before fireworks begin.

Prizes: Winners will be announced in the Daily Globe one week following the parade. Winners who did not receive their prize may call the Parade Chair (number listed below).

Questions: Please call Denise Bromley at 906 364-4315.

***There is NO COST to enter a float in Bessemer’s 4th of July Parade***