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Bessemer Geocache Dash

15th Annual 2024 Rules and Geocache List


  • Enter the co-ordinates for the geocaches listed on the back into a GPS tracking device.
  • Find the container (geocache) hidden at or near the co-ordinates given.
  • PLEASE try not to damage the hiding spot or give the spot away to others.
  • Take only ONE drawing entry card per player from each geocache.
  • REHIDE the container JUST AS YOU FOUND IT – for the next player to find.
  • DO NOT move the container.
  • Fill out contact info on the back of each entry card.
  • Return entry cards to the drawing box at:


BY 2:00 PM CDT on July 4th, 2024

A Drawing for prizes donated by local businesses will be held and
and arrangements made for prize pick up / delivery


  • ONLY ONE entry card per person per geocache is allowed. Multiples are disqualified.
  • Entry card must be filled out by each player entering the drawing.
  • NO gathering or submitting entry cards for others – it lessens YOUR chances of winning!

PLEASE REPORT missing or empty geocaches immediately to
SCOTT POSPECK (906) 663-2018

BESSEMER GEOCACHE DASH – List of Caches (in random order)

This year I am excited to announce a partnership with Bessemer Area Historical Society to bring you this batch of new geocache hides. Thank you to Dan Cvengros for the most excellent help. Be sure to include a visit to the Bessemer Heritage Center (see #11) or Bessemerhistory.org in your plans

#1 Amelia Ford Olcott School site N46* 28.767’ W090* 02.883’

This is the site of Bessemer’s first high school, 1893 – 1908. Ms Olcott was the first principal

#2 SOO Line Railroad truss bridge N46* 28.595’ W090* 03.370’

Constructed by the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company in 1886. 225 ft long. Enjoy this underbelly view.

#3 Puritan Poor Farm site N46* 28.617’ W090* 05.018’

Located between the two railroads was the site of the Gogebic County poor farm, built in 1908 and used until 1953 When the operations were moved to the Gogebic Medical Care Facility

#4 Gogebic Powder Company N46* 28.018’ W090* 04.182’

Located near here and started in 1886 to supply explosives to the mines, hence the name Powdermill Creek.

#5 Colby Mine memorial N46* 28.242’ W090* 03.662’

This site marks the discovery of iron ore by Richard Langford. The prosperous Colby Mine developed here.

#6 Hubbard and Weed Sawmill N46* 28.288’ W090* 00.043’

The Ramsay park area was once the site of this sawmill built in 1884. Please be stealthy.

#7 Stone quarry in Bluff Vally Park N46* 29.215’ W090* 03.220’

Around 1905, there was an active Lake Superior sandstone quarry located here.

#8 Uphill Climb (CHALLANGE) N46* 29.233’ W090* 03.535’

It is what the name says. No whining. The climb is to see something cool.

#9 Old Puritan N46* 28.220’ W090* 05.442′

This area was once filled with over 45 miner’s houses and other buildings. In the 1940’s all the homes were moved to different locations around Gogebic County.

#10 Streetlight on the Iron Belle N46* 28.487’ W090* 03.537’

Check out this old vintage streetlight off of the Iron Belle non-moterized trail.

#11 Bessemer Heritage Center N46* 28.698’ W090* 03.003’

Please include a visit inside in your busy holiday plans.

#12 Dago Town N46* 28.652’ W090* 01.305’

Around this area was a small settlement of houses called Dago Town or Dago Flats or Little Italy.
Find more information at Bessemerhistory.org

#13 Hanson Lumber Yard Remains N46* 28.628’ W090* 03.067’

This was a loading / unloading area on the SOO line for Hanson Lumber Company.