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New Event!

May 20, 2024

Bessemer Blast Beard Contest!

Brace yourselves for the ultimate showcase of facial fortitude – the inaugural Bessemer Blast Beard Contest! Whether you’re rocking a classic handlebar, a fierce Viking braid, or a meticulously groomed masterpiece, this is your moment to let your facial follicles steal the spotlight.

But this isn’t just any beard contest; this is an ode to creativity, to innovation, to pushing the boundaries of facial hair fashion. So bring forth your boldest beard creations, your wildest grooming fantasies, and let them stand as a testament to your commitment to the craft.

Judges will be astounded, admirers will be envious, and your beard will reign supreme atop the throne of follicular excellence. So trim, shape, and sculpt to your heart’s content, because in this arena, the beard is king!

Join us for a spectacle like no other, where the beard isn’t just a facial accessory – it’s a work of art. The Bessemer Blast Beard Contest awaits, and your masterpiece deserves to be showcased!

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