Month: July 2016

2016 Selfie Challenge Winners

We had another great Selfie Challenge this year with some amazing submissions. It was hard to narrow down the best of the best because all of you snapped some great selfies! But, we finally came to a consensus on the top in each of the 10 categories and one overall winner who submitted in all categores. See the results below and to see all of the submitted selfies visit the Selfie Gallery.

cdv_photo_001-15Most People in a Selfie –┬áMike Graham
These guys may have an advantage here with the crowds that follow around Marty’s Goldenaires! Easily the most people in a selfie and again a great performance by Marty’s!

1467593982001Selfie with a 50/50 Ticket Seller – Anda Mortier
Anda snapped a great shot of her out and about getting some 50/50 tickets and enjoying the night!

cdv_photo_001-12Selfie with Marty’s Goldenaires – Laura Miller
Laura takes home the best Marty’s shot after catching a few members after their practice on the street during the week leading up to the 4th!

cdv_photo_001Favorite 4th of July Food – Nicole Re
Nicole is not only enjoying her favorite foods on the streets of Bessemer, but is also very festive in doing it!

1467679497513Parade Selfie – Ryan and Clare Scarbeary
What a great view of the parade! Right from the deck and enjoying it with family. That’s what the 4th is all about!

cdv_photo_001-11Selfie Participating in a 4th of July Event – Derek Gheller
A selfie of himself taking selfies with people taking selfies for the selfie challenge. Can we get the word selfie in here any more???

1467649094518Selfie Showing Your 4th of July Spirit – Blayne Pellinen
What’s more in the spirit of the Bessemer 4th of July than volunteering to help out your community! Kudos to Blayne and his friends for volunteering their time at the Family Races!

cdv_photo_002-7Fireworks Selfie – Annie Garvey
Annie and her friends and family decided to put on their own fireworks show with some sparklers!

1467221656922Selfie With a Bessemer Landmark – Blayne Pellinen
Blayne enjoyed his time in our beautiful Ethnic Commons Park and took a snap of it to show us. Great park and one of many great selfies by Blayne.

cdv_photo_003-1Selfie in Front of a Bessemer Business – Annie Garvey
Annie described the selfie as “A Bessemer Classic” and we can’t agree more! Abelman’s is a classic and a must stop in the area for your clothing needs.

Overall Winner – Submitted in All Categories – Annie Garvey
Annie Garvey went all out this 4th and submitted a total of 16 selfies across the 10 categories and was the only person to submit selfies in all 10 categories! Congrats to Annie on being the Selfie Queen! View her submissions in the gallery below.

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2016 Bessemer 4th Winning 50/50 Number

image IMG_2019

Winning Number:

Prize Amount:

The 4th of July has come to a close and we’d like to thank everyone involved and all of those who came out to the festivities.

If you have the winning 50/50 ticket bring it to the Gogebic County Federal Credit Union to claim the prize or Call Mark at 906-364-0420 or the Gogebic County Federal Credit Union at 906-663-4011.

We Have a Winner!

Mary Smith of Hurley, WI had the winning 50/50 ticket and claimed the prize. Thank you for supporting the Bessemer 4th of July and we look forward to doing it again in 2017!