5 Foods You Must Eat in Bessemer this 4th of July

1. Fish Fry

Photo Credit: jumbledpile cc

Friday night fish fry is a Midwest tradition and it doesn’t get any better than the offerings in Bessemer!  Pit Stop Bar & Grill, Black River Valley Pub, Tacconelli’s, and the Bessemer VFW will all be serving up delicious platters for your enjoyment on Friday, July 1.  It’s as good as time as ever to get in some good old fashioned fish fry.

2. Hot Dogs

Photo Credit: Dustin Filippini

While you are around town before the parade on the 4th of July and are looking for a bite to eat, stop by the Bessemer City Hall, where the Bessemer Volunteer Fire Department will be having their annual open house at 2:00PM.  You and the kids will get to check out the city’s fire trucks all while enjoying a hot dog and soda.  It’s a great event for the kids as it immediately follows the Children’s Parade.  How can you beat a free hot dog?

3. Spaghetti Dinner

Photo Credit: Kathy Whitburn

The Bessemer American Legion serves up an amazing Spaghetti Dinner and is run by some super volunteers.  The dinner actually takes place every Thursday throughout the year, but during the week of the 4th, be sure to stop between 4:00 and 7:00pm on Thursday, June 30 to get your Pasta Fix.

4. Walking Tacos

Photo Credit: Recipe.com

If you are looking for a late night munchie while out on the Poker Run, at the Street Dance, or 1/2 New Year’s Party look no further than the tent outside the Pit Stop Bar & Grill.  You will find one of the more unique foods in town for the 4th.  What is a “Walking Taco,” you ask?  First you start with a bag of Doritos, crush them up, add some taco meat to the bag, then top with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, and more!  Grab a fork and walk around town for a dinner or snack on the go!

5. Dairy Queen Blizzard

Photo Credit: Dairy Queen

You can’t go without dessert this 4th and what better than the ice cream treat that’s served upside down!  Dairy Queen is a popular spot over the 4th of July, especially when the weather gets hot.  Head on in and grab yourself a cool treat.  We recommend a Blizzard, but you can’t go wrong with any of their choices.