We Want Your 4th of July Photos
Posted on: May 26, 2016, by : Dustin Filippini

photosCalling all photographers!

We are looking for photos from all years of the Bessemer 4th of July Celebration and we thought what a better way to do it than to put the challenge out to all of our great friends who have attended the 4th all of these years.

We need photos which we can share online with the Bessemer 4th fans through Facebook, Instagram, and our website and to use in promotional materials.  We’d love to see all events past and present.  If you have photos from last years event, great!  If you have photos from 30 years ago, even better!

We want you to help us tell the story of the Bessemer 4th of July through the years.  So dig out those shoe boxes of polaroids and send in those smartphone selfies.  We would like any photos you have, but if you have the high quality version direct from your camera or phone it will turn out better than resized ones from Facebook.

To submit photos, email Dustin at dusty@dustyf.com to provide photos.  We can set up a way for you to transfer digital files or scan in your old prints and we will even give you a shout out on our website if you’d like.