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June 26 – July 4, 2024

Bessemer Blast

Visit Bessemer for the UP’s biggest and best 4th of July Celebration

Bessemer 4th Of July Home Hero Banner 24

50/50 Winner Greg and Diana Meeuwsen!

2024 Winning Prize


Winner Name

Bessemer, 4th of July, Inc., raffle license #73476.  Raffle proceeds are used to fund future events.

Bessemer Parade

Main Event

The Bessemer 4th of July Parade is a highlight of the holiday celebration, bringing the community together in a festive display of patriotism and local pride. Featuring a vibrant procession of floats, marching bands, and decorated vehicles, the parade showcases the creativity and spirit of Bessemer’s residents and organizations. It begins at 7PM and follows a route along begins on Galena Street, up Moore Street, across Colby, down Sophie, and follows Silver Street and ends back on Moore Street, offering plenty of great viewing spots for spectators. Participants often dress in red, white, and blue, and many hand out treats and souvenirs to the crowd, adding to the joyous atmosphere. The Bessemer Parade is a cherished tradition that celebrates the nation's independence while fostering community unity.

Bessemer 4th Of July Parade
Bessemer Blast Profile

Thunder on the Mountain Fireworks

Main Event

The Bessemer 4th of July fireworks display is the grand finale of the day’s celebrations, captivating attendees with a spectacular show of lights and colors. Scheduled to begin at 10 pm, the fireworks are launched from the Bluff , ensuring a breathtaking view from various vantage points around the area. This year’s display promises to be more dazzling than ever, featuring a synchronized soundtrack that enhances the visual experience.

Families and friends gather early to find the best spots, often bringing blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the show comfortably. The atmosphere is filled with excitement and anticipation as the first fireworks light up the sky. The Bessemer fireworks display is a beloved tradition, marking the end of the holiday with a memorable and awe-inspiring celebration.

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More Events

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Recent News

On the website, visitors will find the latest news about the 4th of July celebration, including announcements of exciting activities and performances. Updates from local businesses and community groups highlight their contributions, promising the biggest and most festive event yet.

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Visitor Help

Visitor help for the Bessemer 4th of July event is designed to ensure that all attendees have a smooth and enjoyable experience. For more information, guests can easily navigate to three key sections: Forms, FAQ, and Contact Us. The Forms section provides necessary documents and registrations for participants and vendors. The FAQ section offers answers to common questions about the event, covering details on the schedule, activities, parking, and more. For any additional inquiries or specific assistance, the Contact Us section connects visitors directly with event organizers. These resources are available on the event’s website, providing comprehensive support to help visitors make the most of their celebration.

Thank You !

We appreciate all of your support over the years. This event wouldn't be what it is without all of you!