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Bessemer 4th of July Sponsor Letter
Click to view letter from the Bessemer 4th of July Committee welcoming sponsors.
Our supporters make the Bessemer 4th of July as great as it is! Would you like to become an official Supporter of the 4th in Bessemer? You can support us with a tax deductible donation in one of the following levels or become a title sponsor for an event to help make the 4th of July a success! Fill out the form below or contact Linda at 906-663-4549 to get started.

Supporter Levels
$100-$249 – Sparkler
$250-$499 – Bottle Rocket
$500- $999 – Firecracker
$1000+ – Silver Salute

Read the letter from the Bessemer 4th of July Committee welcoming you to sponsor:

January 16, 2017

THANK YOU to ALL Bessemer Blast Supporters!

Last year’s event was a huge success and over the upcoming months we are finalizing the details for another fantastic 4th of July celebration in 2017!

We sincerely hope you will continue supporting your fun-filled community celebration with your tax-deductible donation. As in years past, we will be listing our supporters in our four-page brochure by category of support as noted below:

$100-$249 – SPARKLER
$250-$499 – BOTTLE ROCKET
$500- $999 – FIRECRACKER

To be certain we don’t miss acknowledging you in our brochure, we are requesting your donation be returned by March 31, 2017.

TO: Bessemer 4th of July Committee, PO Box 213, Bessemer, MI 49911

Additionally, all Bessemer Blast Supporters have the opportunity to be a TITLE EVENT SPONSOR for any of our 4th of July events. Advertising would give credit to that sponsor(s). To learn more about how to take advantage of this or other marketing opportunities for your business, contact Linda at (906)663-4549 or email:

Bessemer Blast 4th of July Celebration continues to offer most events free of charge because of your generosity. THANK YOU for celebrating the 2017 Bessemer Blast Celebration!

Linda Nelson, General Chairman
Bessemer 4th of July Committee